Fully automatic double-sided corner labeling machine equipment is suitable for single-sided and double-sided corner labeling of various flat oval, round, square bottles and other products in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and light industry, to prevent demolition Open role. Optional coding machine or inkjet printer to the labeling head can be used to print production date, batch number and barcode printing information on the label; optional inkjet printer to conveyor belt can be used to achieve pre-labeling or labeling Then print the production date, batch number, barcode and other information on the product.
Technical parameters:
☆ Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product and label errors);
☆ Labeling speed: 40-80 pieces/minute (related to product and label size);
☆ Applicable product size: length: 40mm~400mm width: 100mm~250mm height: 10mm~150mm
☆ Applicable label size: length: 6mm~150mm width (bottom paper width): 15mm~50mm
☆ Overall size: about 1800mm×780mm×1400mm (length×width×height);
☆ Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ;
☆ Weight of the whole machine: about 250Kg





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