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EP201 automatic vertical rubbing round bottle labeling machine


It is suitable for round bottle labeling in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries, and can be used for full-circle labeling and half-circle labeling. Optional automatic turntable bottle unscrambler, which can be directly connected to the front-end production line, and automatically feed bottles into the labeling machine to increase efficiency; optional ribbon coding and labeling machine, which can print production date and batch number online, reducing bottle packaging procedures , Improve production efficiency.
Technical parameters:
☆ Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (excluding product and label errors);
Labeling speed (pcs/min): 80~120pcs/min
☆ Applicable product diameter (for round bottles) and height: diameter: φ25mm~φ100mm height: 25mm~300mm
☆ Applicable label size Length: 20mm~290mm Width (bottom paper width): 20mm~130mm, the label can be peeled off normally;
☆ Overall size: about 1850×1200×1530mm (length×width×height);
☆ Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60HZ;
☆ Weight of the whole machine: about 200Kg



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