Applicable to cylindrical objects that are unstable when standing, such as: solid glue, oral liquid bottles, penholders, lipsticks and other circumferential and semi-circular labeling. It adopts horizontal transmission and horizontal labeling methods to increase stability and improve labeling efficiency. . Optional coding machine or inkjet printer to the labeling head can be used to print production date, batch number and barcode printing information on the label; optional inkjet printer to conveyor belt can be used to achieve pre-labeling or labeling Then print the production date, batch number, barcode and other information on the product.
Technical parameters:
☆ Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm (excluding product and label errors);
☆ Labeling speed (pcs/min): 100~300pcs/min
☆ Applicable product diameter (for round bottles): Diameter: φ10mm~φ30mm
☆ Applicable label size: length: 20mm~100mm width: 20mm~130mm, the label can be peeled off normally;
☆ Overall size: about 2050mm×650mm×1450mm (length×width×height);
☆ Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60HZ;
☆ Weight of the whole machine: about 250Kg



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