It is suitable for the automatic transmission of round and square bottles, such as the conveyor belt connected to the labeling machine, filling machine, and capping machine, which can automatically feed the bottle to improve efficiency; it can be applied to the middle connection of the assembly line as a buffer platform to reduce the length Conveyor belt length; the applicable bottle range can be adjusted freely, the bottle conveying speed is 30~200 bottles/min, and the speed can be steplessly adjusted, which is convenient for production arrangements.
Technical parameters:
☆ Bottle dividing speed: 40-120 pieces/minute (related to product and label size);
☆ Applicable product size: Diameter: 25mm~100mm Height: 50mm~300mm;
☆ Overall size: about 1300mm×1000mm×800mm (length×width×height);
☆ Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ;
☆ Weight of the whole machine: about 65Kg



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