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E-commerce Version Folding and Sealing Machine


Can seal empty carton, can seal width as small as 80mm

Product introduction

E-commerce small carton automatic folding and sealing machine, automatically folds the lid, automatically pastes the tape up and down, without manual work; adopts the instant tape carton sealing, the sealing effect is flat, standardized, beautiful, and the sealing is more firm, which is the e-commerce industry Realize the choice of automated packaging to improve efficiency. It is suitable for e-commerce express box and postal express box No. 9-12 small carton sealing machine, 12 boxes per minute, which can meet the requirements of warehouse outbound transportation and packaging. It can be used with labeling machines, weighing machines, strapping machines, and winding machines.


Product features
◆ Suitable for small cartons A small carton sealing machine specially developed for the e-commerce industry;
◆ It can be used together including the front labeling machine and the rear packing machine, etc.;
◆ Docking system can be connected to e-commerce and warehouse systems for automatic counting;
◆ Labor saving The packaging of goods is done by machines instead of labor;
◆ Improve efficiency Stable sealing speed, higher efficiency;
◆ More secure The machine is equipped with safety protection measures, making the operation more secure.

Product parameters

Name Parameters
Speed 15 boxes/min
Carton range L130-250XW80-200XH100-200mm (L150 requires replacement parts)
Voltage 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
Power 500W
Compressed air 0.6Mpa
Tape size 48mm
Machine size L1500×W850×H1200mm
Machine weight 250kg


Product configuration

Name Brand
Motor Taiwan State
Pneumatic components AirTAC Taiwan
Photoelectric Germany LEUZE



▲ Support No. 6-11 carton
▲ Wear-resistant conveyor belt
▲ Online supporting use
▲ Economical and applicable
▲ Beautiful sealing effect
▲ Save time and effort





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