It is suitable for labeling various specifications of cylindrical objects, small taper round bottles, such as xylitol, cosmetic round bottles, wine bottles, etc. It can realize full circle/half circle labeling, circle front and back labeling, and the spacing between front and back labels can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Optional peripheral positioning detection device to achieve peripheral positioning labeling; optional color band coding machine and inkjet printer, labeling and printing production batch number and other information at the same time, reducing packaging procedures and improving production efficiency. Powerful, single-label and double-label labeling functions can be switched arbitrarily, the distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly, the circumferential positioning function is optional, and the labeling is set on the circumferential surface; it supports conical bottle labeling, with Taper adjustment knob, simple adjustment can meet taper bottle labeling.
Technical parameters:
☆ Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm (excluding product and label errors);
☆ Labeling speed: 20-30 pieces/minute (related to product and label size);
☆ Applicable product size: Diameter: 12mm~150mm Height: 30mm~300mm
☆ Applicable label size: length: 6mm~300mm width (bottom paper width): 15mm~250mm
☆ Overall size: about 600mm×350mm×450mm (length×width×height);
☆ Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ;
☆ Weight of the whole machine: about 40Kg





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