[Technology Revolution] Relationship between Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data

  Industry 1.0 is characterized by mechanization, industry 2.0 and 3.0 are marked by electrification and informatization respectively, and in Industry 4.0, CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) is the core. In layman's terms, Industry 4.0 is based on the integration of the virtual world and the physical world as the standard.
   In 2014, we used this picture to analyze the relationship between the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and the Internet:
   1. The Internet of Things is the sensory nervous system of the Internet brain, because the Internet of Things emphasizes the concept of sensor perception, and it also has functions such as network line transmission, information storage and processing, and industry application interfaces. Moreover, it often shares servers, network lines and application interfaces with the Internet, which makes the communication between people and people (Humanti Human, H2H), human to thing (H2T), and things (Thing to Thing, T2T) change. It is possible, and will eventually integrate the human society, information space and the physical world (human, machine, and things) into one body
2. Cloud computing is the central nervous system of the Internet brain. In the architecture of the Internet virtual brain, the central nervous system of the Internet virtual brain unifies the core hardware layer, core software layer and Internet information layer of the Internet into the virtual nerves of the Internet The system provides support and services. By definition, cloud computing is very consistent with the characteristics of the central nervous system of the Internet virtual brain. In an ideal state, IoT sensors and Internet users interact with cloud computing through network lines and computer terminals, provide data to cloud computing, and accept services provided by cloud computing.
3. Big data is the basis for the generation of Internet wisdom and consciousness, and it is also the source of the arrival of the Internet dream era. With the maturity of the Internet brain, virtual reality technology has entered a new era, which is different from traditional virtual reality. It is no longer the superposition of virtual images and real scenes (AR), nor the three-dimensional images (VR) displayed by the giant screen in front of you. It began to be more closely integrated with big data and artificial intelligence. Based on the huge amount of data, artificial intelligence was used to serve virtual reality technology, allowing people to gain a sense of reality and interaction in it, allowing the human brain to produce an illusion, combining vision, Neural sensations such as hearing, smell, and movement interact with the Internet dream system.
The central nervous system of the Internet is also the software system in cloud computing that controls the production equipment of industrial enterprises, household equipment, office equipment, and mechanical equipment made by intelligence, 3D printing, wireless sensing and other technologies to transform the world into the brain of the Internet. Tool of. At the same time, these smart manufacturing and smart devices also continuously feed back large data numbers to the Internet brain for decision-making use by the Internet central nervous system.


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The center of the brush is aligned with the label and the two sides are symmetrical. The marking brush is perpendicular to the surface of the container. The overlap gap of the pressure brush sweeping the container is: a single pressure brush is 10mm-15mm, and a combined pressure brush is 5mm-10mm. The distance between the cleaning brush and the sponge is 1mm~2mm. Adjustment of the pressure bottle head. The press head should be 20mm lower when there is no bottle than when there is a bottle.

​Daily maintenance and maintenance of round bottle labeling machine adjustment

1. Conveying mechanism: Adjust the conveying mechanism to ensure that the product can be smoothly conveyed to the labeling position and sent out smoothly. Generally, the left and right sides of the conveying mechanism are adjusted for products. For the operation method, refer to the relevant chapters of the adjustment section, the conveying of the labeling part and the receiving part The adjustment uses the same method.

Declaration of safe use of labeling machine

Safety statement for labeling machine Please follow the safety instructions to use the equipment, which can ensure the safe use of the equipment for several years and keep the equipment in good working condition. The company will not bear any responsibility for problems and equipment damage caused by improper use and unsafe use of the environment. .

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