What is the huge role of the automatic labeling machine

If it is you, what is the most important thing about buying packaged goods? Generally speaking, many people will see the product label when buying packaged goods. When they find it appropriate, they will often use certain products. The automatic labeling machine is to let this person pay attention to the label. The automatic labeling machine can produce a variety of products. The labeling machine is called "survival of the fittest, eliminating discomfort", and only products that keep up with the rhythm of the times can have a bright future. In this regard, each project has its own purpose, so what role does the labeling machine play in life?
1. The product label allows consumers to fully understand the characteristics of the product and its use. In my opinion, the labeling machine gives the life and identity of the product. Only labeled products can be circulated in the market, and only the products of the labeling machine meet the factory specifications.
2. However, with the development of the times, the development speed of the economic market is accelerating. While constantly paying attention to market changes, we all believe that the development potential of the domestic labeling machine industry is huge, and the labeling machine is an important part of the industry. In today's economic development, one of the troops has a rare power base and a wide range of applications.
3. In the era of rapid economic and social development, all industries must advance and reform to move forward. Although the promotion strategies are not the same, the ultimate goal is roughly the same, that is, they want to promote their products. Market, in order to achieve the degree of winning development and the combination of market supply and demand. The same is true for Dongguan Yipin. After various changes in the market, the technical transformation of the labeling machine has gradually added new technologies in the process of continuous progress, so that its products can better meet the market demand.
4. If there is no labeling machine in our lives, our life will be imperfect, and the packaging of goods will cause problems, which will seriously hinder the rapid development of the economy. This shows that the labeling machine cannot be underestimated in our lives and economic development.
5. If the labeling machine has no name, purpose, precautions, etc., would you dare to buy it? If there is no label on a popular product in the market, can you buy it? It can be seen that without a labeling machine, consumers are not safe to shop, and product development will not be perfect. Therefore, perfecting the labeling machine is also one of the steps to perfect our lives.


What should I do if the flat labeling machine fails?

The center of the brush is aligned with the label and the two sides are symmetrical. The marking brush is perpendicular to the surface of the container. The overlap gap of the pressure brush sweeping the container is: a single pressure brush is 10mm-15mm, and a combined pressure brush is 5mm-10mm. The distance between the cleaning brush and the sponge is 1mm~2mm. Adjustment of the pressure bottle head. The press head should be 20mm lower when there is no bottle than when there is a bottle.

​Daily maintenance and maintenance of round bottle labeling machine adjustment

1. Conveying mechanism: Adjust the conveying mechanism to ensure that the product can be smoothly conveyed to the labeling position and sent out smoothly. Generally, the left and right sides of the conveying mechanism are adjusted for products. For the operation method, refer to the relevant chapters of the adjustment section, the conveying of the labeling part and the receiving part The adjustment uses the same method.

Declaration of safe use of labeling machine

Safety statement for labeling machine Please follow the safety instructions to use the equipment, which can ensure the safe use of the equipment for several years and keep the equipment in good working condition. The company will not bear any responsibility for problems and equipment damage caused by improper use and unsafe use of the environment. .

​How to avoid express delivery slips from being infected by details?

In 2020, at the beginning of the year, a sudden disaster broke out in the beautiful city of Hubei. The speed of silent contact and physical transmission spread rapidly in Hubei. Just a few days have made the past prosperous. Hubei Province, with its outstanding talents, has been dimmed. High warnings have sounded in all provinces and cities, and the nationwide anti-epidemic action has kicked off.

​Functions and features of automatic flat labeling

There are many types of labeling machines on the market. The labeling machines have many functions and strong operating skills. How can I choose the right equipment model according to my company's products? How to know which equipment is suitable for mass production?

Fully automatic double side labeling machine structure

Technology continues to develop at a high speed, leading the continuous improvement of industrial technology, and fully automatic technology has replaced traditional manual services in the service industry. The launch of the new model has brought efficient, energy-saving, and systematic management service models to the service industry. How does the industry choose suitable fully automatic equipment? How to efficiently improve production efficiency!