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After - sales service commitment

Epin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. After - sales service commitments
EPIN currently has offices in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Yantai and other cities with offices to provide timely presale and after-sales service. And in Dongguan headquarters also has a customer service department, for all customer calls, such as consulting, investment and demolition, buying and selling, and so on to actively follow up and be effective and rapid solution.
1, quality assurance company in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, from the electrical components configuration, to the design of machinery, raw materials procurement, machinery parts processing production, and then before shipment debugging, acceptance, are Cengcengbaguan to ensure the quality of equipment . & Lt; / RTI & gt; As the equipment are produced by the Company's machining department, its core electrical components can be purchased in the domestic hardware stores, so any accessories are provided in a timely manner, to overcome the need for foreign accessories to declare, transport and other uncertainties.
2, on-site installation of training I received your company's equipment receipt notice, the 2 working days will send professional technical engineers home debugging machine to help your company 2 to 3 equipment engineers to use the labeling machine, debugging, maintenance training, To ensure the operation of the equipment proficiency and stability and the operator can complete the operation of debugging and maintenance of daily equipment.
3, the whole 1-year warranty Warranty period, the warranty free of charge, identified as quality problems of accessories, can be replaced free of charge.
4, all-day service after-sales service department 7 × 24 hours to receive maintenance information, 2 hours to respond, according to the actual situation, fully automated equipment, if the telephone communication is still not resolved, we will arrange an engineer on business, to ensure that you can normal use.
5, the convenience of service The company has specialized after-sales service department, call to customers on a regular basis to understand the use of the machine, if found, timely feedback related personnel responsible for processing. We have a dedicated after-sales engineers each year more than half of the time traveling around the country to visit customers to understand the situation in the use of customers to help customers better use of the machine.
6, maintenance of equipment life maintenance outside the warranty period, charge a fee; life-long supply of spare parts, life-long technical support.
7, a free upgrade to the labeling machine control software for free upgrades, and Division I will provide regular customer equipment adjustment, and free telephone technical support.
Note: The main components of the machine transmission parts of the synchronization belt, we will be presented when the factory, the warranty period to purchase, charge a fee, express one day on.
National Free Service Hotline: 0769-88653797 24-hour response Tel: 13825784979 You can also leave a message to us, we will return calls within 15 minutes response.
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