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The history of the development of the labeling machine and its great advantages

In the past few decades, the labeling machine has occupied an important share in the market, although the cost of the labeling machine in the integrated application than the specific humidity of plastic, winding labels to be high, but compared to winding shrinkage is not The overall cost of labels for labels, labelers, shrink sleeves is significantly lower, so label stickers have been replaced by other different labeling techniques or process characteristics, mainly due to the variety of self-adhesive label materials such as multiple labels Adhesive label material sticker appearance and more competitive and integrated application costs.
Labeling machine in the development of the market will inevitably have to accept the challenges in all aspects, such as it is the technical challenges of labeling technology, raw materials, challenges and so on. Now around the label and come back to the end of paper without the need for a new concept in the market, can be paper can be a film; shrink sleeve label also because it has a nice appearance packaging and full coverage of the film, also occupy a clear market Quot; In the case of intense competition in different labeling technology, the end of the labeling machine with its cost control, the choice of raw materials innovation and the introduction of high-end applications tailored solutions such as the advantages of faster development.
Labeling machine there are many advantages, such as its fully automated, do not need too much manpower to operate, with the majority of users also used to save a large part of the cost.

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